Albuquerque Janitorial Green Pages:

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High Eficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums not only remove dirt from the carpets, but can actually clean the air passg through them, filtering particles as fine as .3 microns, improving indoor air quality and trapping dust and pollen. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths clean exceptionally well, often with less chemicals, or with plain tap water, or even dry. They can be used for dusting as well as wiping, replacing feather dusters that sometimes just moved the dust around.
Microfiber flat mops use less water and chemicals, reduce worker fatige, and remove more dirt than regular mops. They can also fit into tight spaces that string mops can't reach. Dual bucket mop systems reduce water and chemical use and get floors cleaner, with much less residual dirt. They also reduce worker injuries by speading the weight of the water over two containers.
Spray bottles can replace aeresol cans, reducing the amount of propellants released into a building's air. Reusable bottles also reduce waste (no can to dispose of) and allow the use of concentrates that are diluted as needed. Matting systems keep most dirt outside the building and trap the rest of it in thier fibers, keeping the building cleaner and reducing the wear and tear on carpets and tiled floors.