Albuquerque Janitorial Green Pages:

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Chemicals  Our chemicals are chosen to avoid being detrimental to health, on several levels. First, we evaluate Immediate Impact, meaning having an acute or chronic impact upon our employees or the building occupants. Next we examine Residual Impact, in waterways or aquifers when the chemicals leave the building in wastewater. Finally, we examine the Production Impact, avoiding chemicals that involve harsh processes or dangerous ingredients to create; and we give preference to concentrates, to lessen the impact of shipping over long distances.
Trash Bags  The trash bags we use are 70% recycled, so that they require less petroleum to create. And by buying recycled, we help reduce the amound of non-biodegradable plastic in our
Paper Products   With customer approval, we ofer restroom products that are made from 40%-100% recycled material, and we offer non-bleached paper towels to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in paper production.