Albuquerque Janitorial Green Cleaning

Our employees are better!
Friendly. We hire for attitude, so our customers don't have to tolerate surly janitors. Honest. We do criminal background checks before hiring; you can be confident that the cleaner in your building has a clean background.
Smart. We train them right, and empower them to find solutions, so that problems are solved before you arrive the next morning. Professional. Uniforms, customer service training, pride in their work - our employees are professionals, and it shows!
Fluent. All our cleaners speak fluent English, so they can communicate effectively with you when needed. Legal. We verify legal status before we hire, so you won't have the liabilty of illegals working in your building.
Well-Paid. We hire the best, so we have to pay more. Our average pay is over $15 per hour. So the cleaner in your building will be of higher quality. Long-Term. Our cleaners stay much longer than the industry average. Less turnover means consistent cleaning, fewer alarm problems, and a familiar face every night.