Albuquerque Janitorial Green Cleaning


The right employees.
We pay more to get more: better people, better longevity, and better performance.
Standardized training. Written standards for everything, both procedures and acceptability of results.
Customized training. You building is unique, so we train our cleaners to handle your special needs.
Regular walk-thrus. For most buildings, nightly spot inspections by supervisors.
Customized written inspections. These help track your special details: from making sure the boss's chessboard gets dusted to using special oil on your teak desk.

Sometimes, old-fashined quality comes from old-fashined ideas: hiring the right people, training and inspecting. But there's room for new ideas too. Using UV light to detect urine is a valuable training and inspecting tool.

Call us for a CSI Investigation of your restrooms, and see what your current service is missing!