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Do you want to do something to help move your company in a green direction? You can make a difference by adding the Green RFP Clause to your Request For Proposal or bid package. The clause reads something like this:
   Our company participates in a Green Practices agenda understanding that the growing federal, state, and municipal regulations will require greater levels of Green practices and products. A Green Program is understood to be the use of Green products and Green practices by those who service our facilities.

   "In harmony with the Green Practice Standards, we (require/prefer/desire) that all bids submitted include the use of Green Products and Green Certification of the workers involved from an independent source. Green Practices is understood as training of the workforce concerning basic Green Clean standards of practice."
By including this Green Clause in your Request For Proposal, you will not only obtain Green Services for yourself, but will encourage non-green companies to underrtake the transition to Green Products and Practices.