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Our Green Practices follow from our principles-
To improve health and indoor air quality (beyond the low-VOC, low-toxicity, pH neutral products we use) we use HEPA filtration vacuums and wipe instead of dusting; traditional dusting practices just redistribute the dirt. We use ergonomic equipment to reduce worker fatigue and strain.
In addition to helping clients with their own recycling programs, we have an in-office recycling program for paper, plastics, cans, toner cartridges and electronics. In our own offices, we use recycled trash bags and paper products with a high percentage of post-consumer materials. We've reduced our paper use and trash production by encouraging electronic supply tracking and ordering, reuseable inspection reports, and electronic billing and payment options for our customers and vendors.
We support the Green Supply Chain concept, choosing vendors who are committed to Green Practices in production, manufacturing and distribution. We purchase our electricity from renewable resources through PNM's SkyBlue program.