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COVID-19 Prevention
We provide cleaning services that will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We can disinfect contact surfaces throughout your facility. We use a three-stage process:

1) Wiping grease, body oils, fingerprints, and visible dirt from contact surfaces using disposable disinfecting wipes;

2) Misting the contact surface with an EPA-approved disinfectant and allowing it to dwell on the surface for the recommended amount of time;

3) Wiping the surface clean and dry with disposable disinfecting wipes again.

Contact surfaces include obvious things like door handles, push plates, light switches and switchplates, etc. but also the backs and arms of hard surfaces chairs, copier control pads, alarm keypads, and so on.
And of course our technicians will wear gloves and masks at all times for your protection and theirs.
COVID-19 Remediation
If someone on your staff, or one of your customers, tests positive for the coronavirus, we can help keep your other clients and employees safe by performing a facility disinfect. We have the full-body suits, respirators, footwear and gloves to keep our technicians safe as they use foggers to disinfect all surfaces after wiping them clean.

Our fogging equipment is electrostatic, which is the gold standard for disinfectant application. The atomized droplets of disinfectant solution are electrically charged upon exiting the spray head, allowing miniscule droplets to coat surfaces evenly without soaking them and having problems with pooling and run-off.
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We'll be happy to provide you with an estimate for prevention or remediation services. Even if you haven't had an exposure incident, we can provide you with all the information you'll need so that you can respond quickly if something happens.